Jack Weiss is the 20-year-old founder of CupsOver Inc.

          CupsOver Inc. was founded in March of 2016 as a cup delivery service. Born out of the inspiration of college students, our mission is to simplify the life of students so that they can focus on what inspires them. CupsOver started out simply delivering disposable cups, in a hope to tap into the market of students who are reusing cups out of desperation or running out of cups at inconvenient times. It began as a one-time delivery service, accepting orders and delivering within 30 minutes, but organically grew into a subscription business, offering a semester of supplies for a one-time payment. We, at CupsOver, are in the process of growing a platform that every single college student or young professional can rely on. Transitioning from high school to college is a big change for anybody, no matter what the circumstance. CupsOver is doing everything in our power to ease the transition as well as maximize every single students’ college experience. By simplifying aspects of this transition phase, our mission is for students to optimize their years in college and young adulthood by utilizing our services to simplify daily life.



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