Why you Need to Build Relationship With Your Teachers

Why you Need to Build Relationship With Your Teachers

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While college doesn’t signal the end of schoolwork, it should mean the end of 7-hour school days, constantly boring information, and patronizing teachers. As a college student, professors and TA’s should view you as a (young) adult, with whom they can maintain a relationship with if you make an effort. Here are the benefits of getting to know your teachers at school.

1. Professional Connections

Before many teachers got into academia, many of them were part of the industries they are teaching about; for some of them, this still remains the case. Getting to know a teacher who can speak kindly about you to potential employers can be a major boost during the post- graduation job search. As the saying goes, it’s about who you know, not what you know, and professors with past professional experience are great people to connect with.

2. Better Grades?

We can’t guarantee that maintaining a relationship with a professor will lead to that A on your transcript, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if he/her knows you’re a good, hardworking student. Don’t expect to coast through the course and have a professor save you, but if you work hard and need to be bumped up a point to reach a certain grade, a friendly professor may well help you out.

3. Make the School Smaller

College is a really big place, but by getting to know some of your professors/TAs, you can make it feel a little smaller and more intimate. You don’t need to be intimidated by the sheer amount of professors employed at your university — you will never meet most of them after all — but try to get to know the ones who you do meet and college will seem a little more manageable. Most professors are very friendly and welcome questions/discussion from students.

4. Conversation/Discussion

Building off from that last sentence, most professors genuinely enjoy talking about their subject material and welcome any sort of questions, critiques or ideas that students may have. You’re probably not that likely to find a friend back in your dorm to talk with you about philosophy, calculus, or anything else, so if you want to pick a professor’s brain go for it. They often have flexible office hours or are available to meet via appointment.

5. Mentorship

Whether you’re looking for advice in a specific industry or general life coaching, professors are often wise people, who have experienced more years of life than you. They have seen things you haven’t, made mistakes you haven’t made, and picked up knowledge that has yet to be passed onto you. Not all professors are willing to go this extra mile for a student, but there are certainly some who will enjoy guiding you through your young adult years.

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