Who is CupsOver?

Who is CupsOver?

Jack Weiss is the 20-year-old founder of CupsOver.

At CupsOver we want you to know who we are, and why we do what we do: to simplify the life of our peers by providing delivery service toilet paper, cups, disposable silverware, paper towels and much more to students. At the very foundation of CupsOver is the character of our team members. The people who enable CupsOver to operate as it does, from bottom to top, are exceptional in their work habits and their tendency to find every opportunity to develop their skills while they work to find solutions to new problems. This article should give you a brief understanding of who CupsOver is as a brand, how it works, and what the future may bring.

Who are we?

Jack Weiss is the UW-Madison business school student behind the scenes operating CupsOver Inc.

At the head of CupsOver sits a innovative college junior, interested in minimizing the stress of our college peers by saving them money and time. By doing immense research into suppliers of everyday goods, we’ve found a way to supply college students with a semester’s worth of household products delivered monthly for less money than nearby campus retailers.

CupsOver Inc. started out as a red cup delivery service. Since then, we have followed our vision to make the lives of college students easier. CupsOver has now expanded our product line to offer 11 new dorm room necessities. We have expanded our product line to now offer tissues, paper towels, hand soap, napkins, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, forks, spoons, knives, paper plates, ping pong balls as well as upgraded our original product to customized CupsOver red cups.

CupsOver Inc. was established on March 21st, 2016.
Nearing the end of our freshman year, we saw over and over again how college students seemed to always be running out of various necessities. Whether it caused them to use grocery bags instead of garbage bags, towels instead of napkins, or body wash for hand soap, we found that the average college student had too much on their mind to remember a shopping list and stay stocked up on all of their essential products.
In order to eliminate these issues, we created CupsOver.

Our Story

CupsOver Inc. was established on March 21st, 2016.

CupsOver was founded in March of 2016 as a red cup delivery service. Born out of the inspiration of college students, our mission is to simplify the life of students so that they can focus on what inspires them. CupsOver started out simply delivering red cups, in a hope to tap into the market of students who are reusing red cups out of desperation or running out of cups at inconvenient times. It began as a one-time delivery service, accepting orders and delivering within 30 minutes, but organically grew into a subscription business, offering a semester of supplies for a one-time payment. We, at CupsOver Inc., are in the process of growing a world- renowned collegiate platform that every single college student in the world can rely on. Transitioning from high school to college is a big change for anybody, no matter what the circumstance. CupsOver is doing everything in our power to ease the transition as well as maximize every single students’ college experience. By simplifying aspects of this transition phase, our mission is for students to optimize their years in college.CupsOver is always looking out for every college student. CupsOver simplifies everyday life for a college student while saving them time and money. CupsOver incentivizes students to follow their passions and chase their dreams by allowing students to explore all fields and opportunities. CupsOver opens college students doors, guides them in the right direction, and overall, leads to the success of our students partaking in the college education system.

How it works?

As a college delivery service, we pledge to make college students lives easier. By offering subscriptions for college necessities, we’re able to supply our customers with deliveries at the beginning of each month of the semester, ensuring that their supplies are restocked as they begin to run out.
Our mission is to simplify the life of college students and we currently operate on the University of Wisconsin — Madison campus.

As a customer, you would make a one-time payment on our website, www.cupsover.com, and order a subscription from the subscriptions page. This subscription will prompt 4 monthly deliveries over the course of the semester, keeping your drawers filled with plasticware and your trash cans lined with trash bags. Why bother with long visits to Target on Parents’ Weekend when you can save money by receiving a care package at the beginning of every month?

Our current list of products include:
Toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, hand soap, clorox wipes, tissues, napkins, plastic forks spoons, & knives, red cups , ping pong balls paper plates plastic forks knives & spoons.

Where are we headed?

CupsOver Inc. plans to operate on every college campus across the country.

CupsOver Inc. plans to operate on every college campus across the country.
Our vision is to grow CupsOver Inc. to be a world-renowned platform that every college student can rely on for everything they need in college. Everything made simpler, easier, and all put in one place designed explicitly for the consumer. CupsOver will be a similar platform to Amazon but specifically for all your college necessities. We will narrow down the search for the customer to ensure that every college student can use the CupsOver platform to satisfy all their needs to live and be successful in college. Our vision is to bring the college community all onto one platform outlined for the average college student to get everything they need in college from our platform.

Find us online at www.cupsover.com

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