How to do Madison to Perfection

How to do Madison to Perfection

Hints and tips to enjoy your time here.

“Wisconsin?,” they said. “Why’d you choose to go there?”

Time and time again, we’ve heard this question. Not everyone realizes what Madison has to offer as a city, or knows it like we do.

It’s not just a bunch of farms or cornfields, as people may assume.

Actually, it’s not that at all.

Madison is a city where world-class sports, eclectic culture and fine dining converge.

And if you came to Madison in the first place, we know you’re an open-minded, forward-thinking person.

So open up your ears, and let us guide you through the best that Madison has to offer.

Study spots

Since you are technically here to study and do work, it might be beneficial for you to have a couple of study spots up your sleeve.

No, we’re not gonna bore you by telling you to do work at Memorial or College Library — we know you’ve heard of those — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other low-key study spots you haven’t heard of.

The Student Activity Center (SAC), located at 333 East Campus Mall, is a cozy study location hidden in the heart of Wisconsin’s campus. It’s often noted for its comfortable, inviting atmosphere, which allows stressed students to get their work done amongst mellow vibes.

For group work, coffee shops like Colectivo, Espresso Royale and Coffee Bytes offer a convenient location for talking.

And for the student seeking quiet study outside the school’s main libraries, the Sewell Social Sciences Building and Education Building are good options as well.

Good eats

Madison is a city that likes to eat, and institutions like Ian’s and Dotty’s Dumpling Dowry will continue to garner attention.

But not every Madison restaurant necessarily gets the hype it deserves.

Enter Estacion Inka, a hole-in-the-wall Peruvian chicken spot located across from Ian’s that has captivated locals since it opened around two years ago. It’s half-chicken meal is a hearty dish for just over $10, while its Chicken Brasa sandwich has become a cult favorite among local eaters.

Another great spot to satisfy your chicken cravings is Mirch Masala, an Indian restaurant located at 449 State Street. Its curry dishes are great, but if you’re looking for something a bit heavier, get Mirch’s Chicken Tandoori, a piping hot plate of food spiced to perfection.

Finally, as the winter months hit Madison, Paul’s Pel’mini, located at 414 W Gilman, provides local diners with some comfort food for the soul. Its menu is small — the only two options are beef dumplings or potato dumplings — but the portions are not, and you’ll surely be full when you finish chowing down.

Other must-hit spots

Outside of academia and eats, you’ll find plenty more to do in Madison.

The Chazen Museum of Art is a good rainy day spot for the more artistic type, while spots like Majestic Theater and the Orpheum provide a fun night out for music lovers around the city.

To get the best out of Madison, ultimately, you’ll need to mold it to your liking.

Like photography? Find some like-minded people taking photos.

Like fashion? Join MODA, the University’s fashion magazine.

Like cheese? There’s even a club for that.


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