About Us

About Us

CupsOver was founded in March of 2016 as a red cup delivery service. Born out of the inspiration of college students, our mission is to simplify the life of students so that they can focus on what inspires them. Since then, we have expanded into a subscription-based delivery service for college students delivering frequently used disposable products including toilet paper and hand soap. We currently offer toilet paper, Clorox wipes, plasticware, paper plates, tissues, paper towels, ping pong balls, hand soap, napkins, trash bags, and red cups. We take pride in our customers’ happiness and we hope to continue to make the lives of college students easier through keeping their dorms, apartments, and homes stocked with necessities.We, at CupsOver Inc., are in the process of growing a world- renowned collegiate platform that every single college student in the world can rely on. Transitioning from high school to college is a big change for anybody, no matter what the circumstance. CupsOver is doing everything in our power to ease the transition as well as maximize every single students college experience. By simplifying the transitional phase, college students will be able to adapt successfully and optimize their years in college. CupsOver is always looking out for every college student saving students time and money. CupsOver allows college students to chase their dreams by simplifying everyday college life. CupsOver provides students with the opportunity to explore all fields and pursue their passions. CupsOver opens college students doors, guides them in the right direction, and overall, leads to the success of our students partaking in the college education system.

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